Choro em 28 de Fevereiro (Fabio Augustinis)


Fabio Augistinis is currently working on his DMA at the University of Texas at Austin – Butler School of Music.

A quick word from Fabio about his piece:

“Choro em 28 de Fevereiro” is a non-traditional Choro written for my sweet Alice. February 28th is her birthday and this title also represents a pun. Choro, a Brazilian style, also means “crying/weeping.” Thus, “crying on Feb 28th” seemed appropriate.

I intended to premiere this piece on February 28th of 2020, when The University of Texas Jazz Orchestra presented its last concert before the pandemic. However, I was not able to finish the piece on time for the concert. Short after that date, the world turned into a totally new place, so I decided to make this project happen through an online collaboration.

Musically speaking, this piece is inspired by the work of one of my favorite composers, Maria Schneider. It presents an altered rondo form in the first part of the tune, typical of Choros. Its lush mood intends to take listeners through an imaginary journey, where main elements are reframed, transformed, and represented throughout the orchestra instruments.

I hope you enjoy this journey and thanks for listening!

-Fabio Augustinis

Recorded at various homes during the 2020 pandemic!

Fabio Augustinis: composition, arrangement, drums, pandeiro, audio and video editing


Katchie Cartwright: flute Matt Maldonado: clarinet, tenor sax 1, bass clarinet Bruno Cabral: tenor sax 2

Brass Diego Garbin*: trumpets and flugelhorns Felipe Brito: trombones 1 and 3 Felipe Coelho: trombone 2 and bass trombone

Rhythm Section Thiago Camargo*: piano Marco Antonio Santos: acoustic guitar Daniel Coelho: acoustic bass

Audio Mixing/Mastering: Rafael Thomaz


Fabio Augustinis is an endorsing artist for Canopus Drums and Bosphorus Cymbals.